Equi-Trek is one of the UK’s most popular horse truck brands. Equi-Trek remains a family run company whose aim is to manufacture the ultimate in horse transport.

The equine athlete now has to travel further to competitions than ever before and can spend many hours on the road. Therefore Equi-Treks qualified engineers and designers ensure that the up most priority is given to the wellbeing, safety and comfort of the travelling horse.

Equi-Trek have been assessed and conform to the most stringent design and build processes and meet the highest quality control standards. Each stage of production is carefully checked by our quality control inspectors, which is just another reason you can buy with confidence from Britain’s largest horsebox manufacturer.

Through Mark & Narelle Helsemans bringing the Equi-trek brand to Perth, the quality Equi-Trek range has evolved now to be presented by Performance Vehicles Australia.  Mark continues to specialise in the Equi-trek truck range, both large and small.  At Performance Vehicles Australia, our approach is simple. We put the customer first. An Equi-trek horse truck is not just transportation  it is an experience beginning from your very first enquiry, through your lifetime owning the brand.

We’re here with you all the way.